Transformation through Communication

My passion and expertise lies in the field of communication; in the verbal and non-verbal and in the conscious and unconscious. I encourage clients to think deeply about what communication really is and how the communication within their working environment affects all individuals, be that in how effective they are in their working relationships or how effective communication is within the broader organisation.

The way we interpret and express communication affects the efficacy of any organisation. If communication within an organisation is poor, it often results in high staff turnover, high sickness rates, poor internal brand loyalty and a disengaged and inefficient workforce. Despite these clear outcomes the understanding and delivery of effective communication, and its impacts, are rarely addressed at the conscious and unconscious level by coaches and managers. My approach is coming from a psychotherapeutic, psychological background and is uniquely placed within the market.

Using years of professional experience, which have enabled me to gain a deep understanding of human beings, I have created a number of seminars, workshops and diagnostic tools. Their use spans across business, education and not for profit organisations and each package can be tailor-made. I have collaborated with some incredibly experienced and highly qualified individuals who have come on board as Associate Consultants to add further depth and experience to each package.

In the work I do I have experienced powerful shifts in communication and benefits to the wider organisation throughout. I am seeking to improve:

  • The individual’s understanding of what it REALLY means to listen and the skills to apply that understanding
  • The individual’s understanding of verbal and non-verbal, conscious and unconscious communication and the skills to place that into a wider context
  • The individual’s ability to recognise self-defence mechanisms, to understand why they might be there and how they relate to our ability to engage with others
  • The individual’s ability to recognise, understand and manage power struggles within the work place
  • The individual’s ability to consider powerful and effective communication at different levels for different audiences

I also offer a diagnostic service to provide much more in depth analysis of the communication dynamic with in the workplace.  Once potentially difficult areas are highlighted I will be able to deliver the precise professional development required to improve them. I am able to personalise the content of the packages as well as the methodology of the delivery into bespoke packages to suit the client’s context and purpose.

From the work I do I have learned that poor communication in the workplace and high demands on the workforce can lead to unsustainable levels of stress for the individual so my newly developed workshop seeks to help the individual understand and cope with the impact on their health. Using the latest cutting edge neuroscience and mindfulness, research has proven that stress levels can be reduced quickly and managed in a far more sustainable and healthy way. Having worked with health, both physical and mental/emotional, for well over a decade I have facilitated hundreds of examples of transformation. I understand the need, in an ever changing and rapid moving world, for an empowering solution that is quickly taught and that the individual can continue easily for themselves.