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Transformation Through Communication

About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

As with most therapists, personal experience shapes and informs who we are and how we choose to work with our clients.

I have been on a continuous process of development as an adult and have experienced therapy in a variety of disciplines. I found I always worked best in environments that were warm and nurturing with practitioners who I could trust to hold me through the process I was going through. This is what I seek to emulate as a practitioner. Whilst the therapeutic process isn’t always easy, I feel it is important to approach it with care and with humour, whilst being direct and able to challenge if necessary.

My adult education started with my homeopathic training in 1998 with many different smaller courses on route to my psychotherapeutic training later down the line. I set up in private practice upon qualifying and ran seminars, tutorials, low-cost clinics and supervised. Along the way I have been the director of a holistic centre with many different practitioners under one roof, and now am co-principal of the homeopathic college that I trained in. Amongst the day to day running of the college I am also responsible for ensuring we meet the Higher Education Levels; this enables our course to meet the requirements of a recognised education provider matching the Higher Education Level 6 of a degree. As a lecturer I won teaching awards in 2015 & 2017 and enjoy providing a lively and engaging environment for students to learn in.

I have private practices in both London and Chichester.

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